Flash Blink v5.1 [App] [Released] [Updated]

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Flash Blink v5.1 [App] [Released] [Updated]

Flash Blink Widget

Flash Blink was born March 20th 2012, and the first of it's kind! Now its all new, used and loved by android users all over the world. Now available on play store!

*** Flash Blink v5.1 Now availableSee the "Change Log" in comments for 5.1 update information and features
Flash Blink intimates you about any incoming notifications on your android device by triggering the flash light LED present behind the screen of your device. So now you can get notifications through camera flashlight! It includes for the following:
  1. Incoming calls
  2. SMS
  3. Alarm
  4. Third Party Applications
You can also use the application as a torch, includes torch widget far fast access. Please test your phone's capabilities with the torch button. If the flash fires, you are all set!

  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Includes Torch and Torch widget for easy access
  • Viewable torch button in the dark
  • Repeat Flash notification if you have missed call or unread sms (stops after 1 hour)
  • Customize flash rate for each application
  • Customize time and blink rate of flash for call,SMS and Alarm
  • Profile Mode to disable Flash for specific time
  • Screen On Mode so as to save battery
Incoming Call Flash
  1. When a call arrives, the flash sparks
SMS Flash
  1. Flash Blinks, when SMS arrived (Using other SMS app like Handcent/GoSMS, behavior may not work. It can work it by selecting the app in Third party application list)
Third Part Application Flash
  1. Notification for third party Application should be enabled in
    Settings->General Setting of Flash Blink along with [Accessibility] service in phone settings
  2. Flash blinks, when there is notification for the selected App
  3. Long press the Selected App to customize flash rate
Profile Mode
  1. Disable Flash for specific time
Missed Call / Unread SMS Flash
  1. Flash is repeated at specific intervals [ max 1 hour]

Screen Shots

Flash Blink Torch - Main ScreenFlash Blink Torch On - Main ScreenFlash Blink Settings Menu

Flash Blink Custom App MenuFlash Blink Custom App, Custom Settings MenuFlash Blink Widget


Download Flash Blink from Google Play Store

Scan to download Flash Blink from Google Play Store

Change Log First Comment
Bug Reports Second Comment

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Change Log

What's New v5.1
- Rearranged settings, each to its own category.
- Improvised sms [ stop flash after message is as soon as read]
- Active call flash [ No flash during active call.].
- Flash Test Button for call/sms/alarm and for third party application.
- Battery Saver Mode. [ No flash below certain battery level.]
- Mute Flash for Call and Alarm.
- Performance tweaks, fixed the widget crash.
- Flash Support for Contacts with filtering.
- Translations:
German[Daniel S(Dtrieb), User_99], Slovene [Orglce].

- Fixed the force close seen in android 4.2.2.

- Flash for 3sec feature added.
- Supports Third Party Apps WHATSAPP for now
- Profile Settings Added. Now u can set time interval in a day when u don't want flash to Flash.
- Added new feature to Flash Settings.
- A lot more cant remember, :P

- fixed for Incoming call. [Now works]

- Supports more phones only for Torch [ Will do for other features soon. Sorry]
- Added option to set flash interval n time for a flash to be more customized
- New Interface.
- Sms Feature now works even when screen is on, but to turn it off we need to read that messages n not just by clearing the notification. [ if the screen is off and a new sms arrives the flash will stop when the screen is turned on.This will help to save battery :P ]
- Alarm flash works for all default alarms set [Note for ICS n few phones the flash will turn off when u dismiss it[ those who have deskclock.apk] for others when u turn off ur screen the flash will stop. Will Improve it soon.

- Improved interface
- Support for Android v2.1 and Higher
- Fixed issues of getting black/white screen on load for htc phone's
- Haptic feedback Using torch feature
- Hit menu button for more options

- added a feature for enable alarm feature
- bug fix
- support for LG revolution n few more
- fixed black screen issue on Load [ which occurred for few phones ]

- App Remade
- Bug Fix like lights stays on even after call received, and many more as per the Log cat received dont rem
- support few Motorola Devices
- New GUI
- Now Works for Alarm.

- SMS notification fixed [notifies when new smsm arrives and the screen is off,n stops blink when screen turned on]
- SMS flash blink after notification stops blinking after approx 2min. [Auto turnoff]

- Improved GUI
- Added a feature to Control the Blink Rate during notification
- logcat fix + new email for error feedback [flashnotificationxda@gmail.com]
- minor tweaks

- fixed flash light remaining on after Call receiving.
- added send Logcat feature [install's 3rd party which is pretty good]

- fixed issue's for few users who's camera flash dint work on incoming call but torch did. [please report if not]
- sms notification, but doesn't fully work (working on it )

- Now can me disabled/enabled with the checkbox [ Thanks D4 For poiting me in correct direction ]

- initial release



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Bug Reports

None known of yet! :)

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