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[ROM][Neo] TeamXperia | ICS-Tweaked [16/05][4.0.4] V3.0 |


                                                        TeamXperia Presents ICS-Tweaked
Hello fellow UA members This is a Highly customized Stock Rom based on Sony Ericsson's .431 ICS Leaked Firmware. It is a lighter Rom than stock with several Tweaks and features to enhance the user Xperiance ;)
Some of the features Included In This Rom are.
  • Based on leaked ICS .431 FW 
  • Bloatware Removed & Gapps from PS 
  • Stripped of some useless SE apps 
  • All System applications Zipaligned 
  • All Data applications Zipaligned on Boot
  • Custom Lockscreen Theme *SOON*
  • SD Speed Tweak
  • Picture & Video quality Raised {Not just Bravia}
  • Internet Speeds Tweaked for speed 
  • Ramscript for speed 
  • Mount & Kernel Tweaks 
  • Battery Tweaks 
  • Battery Friendly in general {Sick!} :) 
  • Much more
Please note that this Rom is W.I.P and although it is stable and fully working it will improve as we update, we haven't been updating much with new projects keeping us busy (AOKP & GB Projects) and we plan to update more regularly than usual :rolleyes:
- Everything should more or less
You tell us
Things to do...
  • Speed up the whole Rom massively 
  • Add back to kill mod
  • Custom lockscreen theme :cool: 
  • Much more but cannot thing at the minute 
  • Battery bar changed to % increments 
Installation Guide
- Unlock Bootloader (There are plenty of threads with how to do this...)
- Download and place TeamXperia ICS VX.X on Sdcard
- Flash applicable custom Kernel for Rom's on Sony ICS Kernel
- Enter Recovery By pressing vol down when LED is on when the splash screen is displayed 
- Full wipe/factory reset (in recovery)
- Install zip from SD and choose the Rom
- Reboot and enjoy :D
-If WiFi doesn't work/turn on then install applicable WiFi Modules from that specific Kernel you are using
-Rebased to Leaked .431 FW
-Stripped Massively
-Tweaked for speed & Battery performance
-Mount as Mass Storage default
-More I Forgot...
Download links in 2nd post
Please leave us feedback and suggestions :D
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