7 Heavens Projekt - The Projekt to Life

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7 Heavens Projekt - The Projekt to Life


How to install it:

Download the file above

Move it to your home folder

Open a Terminal and type "chmod 755 RunThis.sh"

Now type "./RunThis.sh"

Install and have fun 


Developer Tools



Android SDK

Cook's Guide (writing process :D)

Xperia Flashtool (not implemented yet)

LordAIOTool (for Xoom)

Complete Backup Tool

Bootloader Unlocker

CWM Install

App Install Tool

Root Tool

Stock Install Tool

Backtrack (Install/Uninstall/Run)

Dual Recovery



SE Tweaker Tool (by Faiyyaz) (For X10 Mini Pro)

Bootloader Unlocker

​Root Tool


Miscellaneous Tool

World of Goo Fixer for Ubuntu 12.04

Multiple Mouses Setup

Wallpaper Cycle (my favorite :D)

70 amazing wallpapers chosen by me

It will download and cycle them on your desktop


Now you tell me! What will I do next? I already done a list with some points to be done yet:

Cook's Guide

Wallpaper Cycle new things

Free Games Installer and "Run Menu"

ROM Install for Xoom

You can help make this list be bigger!

Did you like it? Why don't you donate me some money ? Only a dollar or two you spare can make me happier!

PayPal donate link here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/donatetome.php?u=4169130

Hope you guys enjoy all the work I did on it 7Heavens Projekt - The Project to life

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Looks good.


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Nice job with this!